Does Sling Pilot Academy offer accommodation or housing?

Does Sling Pilot Academy offer accommodation or housing?

Sling Pilot Academy offers several accommodation options 5 minutes away from Torrance Airport.

Student housing apartments and houses come fully-furnished and each student will be provided with a twin size bed, mattress and mattress cover. Students will be responsible for providing their own bedding. Washing of bedding will be the responsibility of the student. Billing for housing will be weekly in advance.

Price is $225 per week, for a shared room.
Price is $425 per week, for own room.

A $250 security deposit will be collected at start.
Note: Some housing requires Renters Insurance, which we will handle for a fee.

Los Angeles, CA (KTOA) Accommodation Map:

San Diego, CA (KSEE) Accommodation Map:

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