I have an existing foreign Private Pilot License - does this count?

I have an existing foreign Private Pilot License - does this count?

FAA Validation of Foreign Certificate

A straight FAA validation of a foreign PPL is quite easy and requires some paperwork and a meeting at a US FAA FSDO. This results in an FAA Private Pilot certificate ‘issued on the basis of a foreign certificate’ (regardless of whether the foreign certificate has higher ratings). This certificate requires the foreign Pilots License to be maintained as valid. Instructions are here:

Do do this, you'll need to setup an IACRA account here: https://iacra.faa.gov/IACRA/Default.aspx

You will need to Start Foreign License Verification Process:

Then, you'll add your license info and then request an FAA Private Pilot (61.75) Certificate:

(If you are going to come to Sling Pilot Academy, then select "OK - FLIGHT STANDARDS REGULATORY SUPPORT DIVISION" under Select a FSDO).

Adding Ratings and joining our Accelerated Course

If the holder of the Foreign Pilot License has an Instrument Rating it is possible to add Instrument Privileges to the FAA Certificate based on a Foreign Certificate by completing an FAA Instrument Knowledge Test. However, this does not qualify for Instrument Privileges towards a US Commercial Pilot Certificate. If the intention is to take a US Commercial Checkride to have a Certificate NOT based on a foreign certificate (required for ratings like Commercial, CFI, etc), then a US Instrument Rating needs to be added to the FAA Private Certificate based on a Foreign Certificate by taking an FAA Instrument Knowledge Test AND FAA Checkride for the Instrument Rating. Then, you can begin to prepare for the Commercial Rating. For this you need to meet the experience requirements (log flight training in the areas required) and study/prepare for and take the the FAA Commercial Knowledge Test and Practical (oral/flight) Test with an FAA examiner or Designated Pilot Examiner. Luckily, most/all of your logged foreign time counts towards the Commercial requirements.

Sling Pilot Academy can help you through this process, which would look like this:

  • Help you through the process of getting TSA approval to take flight training in the USA (if a foreign citizen)
  • Review your foreign training record and determine what FAA certificate requirements still need to be met (for example Night training not received/logged)
  • Assist you in preparation for the FAA Instrument Knowledge Test (computer test)
  • Assist you with ground training covering all knowledge areas required for the Oral Test, including FAA Aviation Regulations
  • Provide flight training in preparation of the Practical Tests, getting you familiar with the aircraft, the airspace and going over all maneuvers in the Airmen Certification Standards
  • Scheduling Practical Tests with an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner

A Foreign Pilot who obtains an FAA Private Pilot Certificate based on a Foreign Pilot Certificate and has at least 80 hours of total time would be well-suited to join our 6-month Accelerated Program ("from Private").

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