What is the maximum height and weight allowed to join the Academy?

What is the maximum height and weight allowed to join the Academy?

Due to aircraft limitations, students taller than 6’3″ or weighing more than 220 lbs may not be able to train at SPA.

More here: https://www.slingpilotacademy.com/prerequisites/
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    • Do I need to be a US Citizen to join the Academy?

      In short, No. In order to join the Academy you need to be legally in the US and authorized to study. A current US Passport or US Birth Certificate is required, or if a foreign Citizen, a Permanent Resident card or a Visa that allows study. Foreign ...
    • What age do I need to be to join the Academy?

      Minimum age: 18 Must have a high school diploma or GED Must be able to obtain and maintain a First Class Airman’s Medical Certificate More here: https://www.slingpilotacademy.com/prerequisites/ Note: to there is no minimum age to start learning to ...
    • Must I be able to speak English to join the Academy?

      In order to obtain an FAA Airmen Certificate you must be able to fluently speak, read, write and understand the English language. More here: https://www.slingpilotacademy.com/prerequisites/
    • Does Sling Pilot Academy offer accommodation or housing?

      Sling Pilot Academy offers several accommodation options 5 minutes away from Torrance Airport. Student housing apartments and houses come fully-furnished and each student will be provided with a twin size bed, mattress and mattress cover. Students ...
    • I have an existing foreign Private Pilot License - does this count?

      FAA Validation of Foreign Certificate A straight FAA validation of a foreign PPL is quite easy and requires some paperwork and a meeting at a US FAA FSDO. This results in an FAA Private Pilot certificate ‘issued on the basis of a foreign certificate’ ...